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Who We Are

Strickland Marine Insurance Agency, Inc. is an independent insurance agency representing A-rated, marine-specific insurance carriers. We offer1 insurance policies worldwide from over 3 dozen insurance companies for all forms of marine risk, from jet skis to oil tankers, and from small marine contractors to the largest marinas and yacht manufacturers. Our current clientele includes nearly 70 marinas, thousands of boats and yachts, several hundred of marine contractors, artisans, and dock builders, and a large number of boat dealers, manufacturers, and boat yards.  We sell policies directly to the public but also serve outside agents, brokers, and agencies.


The Strickland family grew up in the Lowcountry of South Carolina enjoying a passion for fishing and boating.  George is a former charter-boat owner and captain; Lee was his first mate. Founding owner George Strickland opened his first insurance agency in the 1960’s after graduating from the Citadel. In 1986, George combined his profession with his passion for fishing, founding Strickland Marine Agency, Inc. to specialize solely in marine insurance. 14 successful years later, George was joined by his son (2000), and in 2007, the family team opened Strickland Marine Insurance Agency, Inc. to continue a 25-year family tradition as partners.  Today’s Strickland Marine is the culmination of a lifetime of boating experience and a carrier of professional history in the marine-insurance industry, composing a perfect fit of real-world knowledge and professional expertise. Strickland Marine Insurance Agency, Inc. (“Strickland Marine” or “Strickland Marine Insurance”) is now one of the largest marine-specific agencies in the Southeast, widely recognized for both expertise and outstanding customer service. With thousands of happy customers worldwide, we don’t forget our small-town values and humble beginnings. You can always expect the utmost level customer service and Southern hospitality at Strickland Marine Insurance Agency, Inc.


Corporate Vision, Family Values

While our decades of experience and professional expertise in the marine-insurance industry form a firm foundation, incomparable customer service and integrity are the most fundamental priorities at Strickland Marine. We believe in the golden rule, endeavoring to make fans rather than just customers.  We regularly retrain our staff to personify our values. We help our clients examine their needs and decide on the right coverages and carriers. We shop the market for the best coverage and best price and regularly re-market our customers’ policies to keep values optimized. We continually pursue new contracts with new insurance companies to broaden our market, and we work directly with the companies to improve their polices and develop new programs. We take pride in helping people improve their existing coverage, close gaps, and find or customize coverage for hard-to-cover risks.


Strickland Marine Insurance specializes in placing marine coverage of every kind--from large commercial operations, such as marinas, ships, oil tankers, boat manufacturers, tug boat operations, and boat dealerships, to medium and small commercial interests, such as charter boats, fishing guides, dock builders, tour boats, marine mechanics, water taxis, independent captains, towers, delivery operations, and artisans.  We also specialize in placing coverage for pleasure craft and private property of all kinds, including docks, jet skis, bass boats, sail boats, fishing boats, yachts, and mega-yachts. As many of our clients who own yachts and marine businesses also own aircraft, some of which are used as transports to and from large yachts, we also place coverage for helicopters and airplanes as a service to our marine clients.

Independent Agents; not Captive Agents

As an independent agency, we are different from captive agents, like State Farm, Allstate, and Nationwide. Each of those agents is captive to his parent insurance company and can only sell that company’s insurance products, with a few exceptions where the parent company has a partnering agreement with another carrier to underwrite for them. They are contractually barred from shopping the insurance market for you like we do. They have a duty to their one parent company. We are independent.  We have several companies compete for your business at one time.

We Do the Shopping For You

We shop with several companies to help you find the best coverage at the best price, customized to fit your specific needs. We present you with multiple options so you can choose between companies and policy features. You don’t have to call several different insurance companies because we do the shopping for you. We represent the largest and best in the industry.

The Largest Pool of Companies; Saving You Real Money

We offer1 insurance policies from over 35 top insurance companies, add new ones regularly, and regularly work to improve the products and sources we already offer. We help develop programs with our underwriters, customized to fit the trends of our customers’ needs. Because of our large market of top marine insurance companies and our constant efforts to improve product offerings even further, our prices are virtually unbeatable. We commonly save customers anywhere from 30-50% on their insurance premiums with better coverage than their former policies. Admittedly, this sounds like advertising fluff, but with Strickland Marine, it’s the truth. We take pride in being the go-to agency for people wanting to save real money on superior coverage, and for thousands of happy customers, that’s what we are.

Serving Other Agents, Agencies, and Brokers

Although we sell insurance policies directly to the public, we also serve other agents and brokers. Many agencies who do not have access to the companies we have, or who do not have the field-specific expertise that we have in marine insurance, come to us for their customers' needs. Call us if you are an agent or broker interested in obtaining marine insurance for your clients via Strickland Marine.  Certain terms and conditions apply.

Setting New Standards in the Field

We work with insurance companies to develop new insurance programs and improve existing policy forms, customizing programs and incorporating ideas and coverages that we know better fit the real-world use of the average mariner. We help not only our customers improve coverage, but also insurance companies.

No Risk Too Small; No Risk Too Great

Whether you're an individual, a business owner, an agent, or a broker needing marine insurance for yourself, your business, or a client, we’ll be happy to help.

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