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These “Terms of Use” set forth the terms and conditions upon which this website may be used and various explanations of comments and terminology used on this site. By using this website or sending any information thereby, you agree to the Terms of Use, and you affirm that you are the person, entity, or a duly authorized legal representative thereof, for whom any information or requests are being submitted by you and that all information you provide, and that any quote requests, submittals, change requests, applications, and/or other submittals and/or inquiries you make or render to us and/or to any insurance company are all real, accurate, and correct, for real insurance risks, free from concealment, fraud, and misrepresentation, and are not for deceptive or competitive purposes.

This website is owned and operated by Strickland Marine Insurance Agency, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “SMIA”), based at 125D Wappoo Creek Drive, Suite 3, Charleston, SC, 29412.  This website and its information, contents, images, forms, and other information are the property of Strickland Marine Insurance Agency, Inc. and may only be used for the purposes of conducting actual or prospective business with Strickland Marine Insurance Agency, Inc., or for directing potential customers to Strickland Marine Insurance Agency, Inc.  All rights are reserved. Links to this site for legitimate informational purposes in the insurance, news, or marine industries are also permitted.  Links to this site by persons or entities engaged in competition with Strickland Marine Insurance Agency, Inc. are not permitted without written authorization.

You may use this website for lawful, honest purposes only.  You may not use this website in any fraudulent manner, for any fraudulent or deceptive purpose, in any manner that may have a fraudulent effect, or in any manner that breaches any applicable law or regulation or that constitutes defamation, identity theft, or any other violation of any party’s civil rights.

“Strickland Marine,” “Strickland Marine Insurance,” “Strickland Marine Insurance Agency,” "we," and "us" are abbreviated references to Strickland Marine Insurance Agency, Inc. for convenience purposes only, do not refer to other persons or entities, and do not express or imply any unincorporated status. Strickland Marine Insurance Agency, Inc. is an S-Corporation, and all business conducted in relation to this website is conducted by and on behalf of Strickland Marine Insurance Agency, Inc. (and any respective insurance companies, wholesalers, brokers, and/or MGA’s, as applicable where insurance is placed accordingly) as a corporation and not by any other entity or any individual, person, or family, regardless of any similarities of name or other factors or references. Strickland Marine Insurance Agency, Inc. is a separate and independent entity from Strickland Marine Insurance, Inc. and from Strickland Marine Agency, Inc. Strickland Marine Insurance Agency, Inc. is an independent insurance agency and is not an insurance company, insurer, or carrier (for the purposes of this web site, insurance company, insurer, and carrier all mean the same thing--an insurance company--and the use of any such term does not suggest, express, or imply that any insurance coverage is effective/in place for any Customer; only a written binder and/or insurance policy from a respective insurance company with valied effective dates establishes coveragde).

SMIA may provide opinions and answers to customer questions in the process of seeking, quoting, placing, and servicing insurance policies insured by insurance companies. In some cases, SMIA may act as a broker. However, Strickland Marine Insurance Agency, Inc. and its personnel are NOT risk managers or insurance consultants, do NOT purport to seek, offer, quote, or place coverage for "all" exposures for any customer, client, or insured (collectively called "Customer" or "Customers" hereinafter), and cannot possibly pre-emptively explain all facets of insurance policies as they are typically many pages long--sometimes hundreds. Customers MUST READ their insurance policies, quotes, endorsements, declarations pages, and all supplemental materials carefully and ask any questions arising from such due diligence proactively.

We do not choose, determine, or set insurance limits, values, valuation, deductibles, or other insurance parameters for Customers (or their outside agents or brokers); We do not assess, validate, or appraise the sufficiency thereof. Customers choose, set, and determine their own limits and other parameters and should--ahead of time and periodically therafter, from time to time--assess and reassess the sufficiency of their limits and paramenters agains their appetite for underinsured/uninsured/self-insured costs arising from total and/or partial losses. Costs to rebuild, repair, and/or replace are ever-changing, and all Customers have different appetites for premium cost versus uninsured/self-insured/underinsured loss risk. We cannot make these decisions for you. We cannot make sure your limits are or remain sufficient. You must do that. Underinsured limits (limits too low) will or may result in substantial loss costs to the Customer without payment or reimbursement by insurance companies in a total or partial loss. Coinsurance, depreciation, and/or other terms may, and often do, apply to insurance policies and affects claim payment significantly, even in partial losses. It is the Customer's responsibility to examine and assess these risks and factors proactively and ask any questions that arise from such examination and assessment. Customers should carefully consider their property, liability, and/or other (we do not sell Life, Accident, and Health Insurance--only Property and Casualty) coverages and limits against their operations, potential for loss, net worth, and other factors, balanced against their individual/corporate appetite for self-insured/underinsured/uninsured loss, ask us any questions arising from such considerations, proactively discuss with us ALL operations, liabilities, and property assets they want insured, and advise of us any need for coverage or changes accordingly based on their own appetitie for permium cost versus the risk of self-paid losses, For boats, yachts, and other marine vessels, a professional marine condition-and-value survey may be helpful to you in this endeavor and may or may not be required by an insurer for a given situation, For buildings, docks, and other real property, a builder's or engineer's replacement-cost estimate may be helpful to you in this endeavor and may or may not be required by an insurer in a given situation.

Some parameters, such as deductibles and coverages actual quoted or bound in a policy or its endorsements may differ from parameters and coverages appearing on applications and quote requests, depending on offerings and accommodations granted by respective insurance companies upon quoting or binding. Customers should always carefully read their quotes, policies, endorsements, and declarations pages, and proactively discuss any questions, concerns, or needs for changes with us.

Any changes in the status, use, operation, location, navigation, or other material factors related to an insured asset, liability, or other risk, (collectively hereinafter called "Risk Conditions") must be proactively--ahead of time--brought to our and the insurer's attention by the Customer and may result in a change of coverage, premiums, terms, or insured status. Such changes must be underwritten before they occur. Any changes to the Risk Conditions without such pre-emptive communication, accomodation, by the Customer and/or without pre-emptive policy changes approved and made effective ahead of time by the insurer may result in void coverage, no coverage, and/or cancelled coverage.

We primarily place and service marine insurance, and most Customers come to us for placement of marine insurance for boats, yachts, or commercial marine businesses. We do not necessarily offer, quote, or place all lines of coverage for all possible exposures for all Customers or their exposures, risks, liabilities, or assets. There are virtually innumerable kinds of insurance for risks and exposures ranging from pet insurance to alient abduction. We focus on helping Customers place marine insurance based on the specific information they provide to us, the lines of coverage they request, and at the limits and parameters that they choose, as subject to, and offered by, the insurance companies who quote and place such policies, and limited by the options they offer. Customers must examine their assets, liabilities, and exposures, ask us questions about what lines of insurance apply to each, and instruct us as to which they desire to place.

The words "shop," "place," “cover,” "coverage," “offer,” “insure,” “serve,” "handle," “provide,” “round,” “help”, “insurance”, and any other similar words or phrases are refereces to the general activities and constructs involved in Cuistomers seeking, placing, maintaing, and/or using insurance with insurance companies and DO NOT in any way express, suggest, or imply that SMIA is or acts as an insurance company, insurer, or carrier, pays any claim(s), or has any authority to determine claim coverage, validity. or payment; SMIA acts solely as either a broker or as an independent agent; SMIA is not an/the insurer and does not insure, cover, or pay claims itself. All claims are subject to the respective insurance company's c;laims department and policy terms. SMIA does not have authority over claims and cannot determine their validity or outcome.

Any legal matters arising from this website, information or services provided on by the website, or the operations of Strickland Marine Insurance Agency, Inc. shall be governed by the laws of the state of South Carolina and settled in a court of law in the County of Charleston, South Carolina.

References on this website and elsewhere to the fact that we "shop," "market," or "do the shopping for you," or for any Customer are references only to the fact that we generally make an effort to quote policies with various different insurers in efforts to find competitive premiums for Customers asking for insurance quotes, and often upon renewal; however, Customers retain the full responsibility to perform their own diligence in seeking other quotes, especially if or when there is a lapse, cancellation, or non-renewal of coverage. Customers must always take their own prudent actions if and when they are notified by any party of actual, pending, or future insurance cancellation, lapse, non-renewal. The insurance market is an ever-changing industry, with insurers and their appetites, offerings, and underwriting guidelines adjusting constantly to global, regional, local, and individual loss history, along with other factors. SMIA (and no agent or broker) can necessarily find or place coverage in all situations, for all risks, exposures, or contingencies, or in all situations of non-renewal, lapse, or cancellation./span>

We are determined to respect and protect your privacy to our reasonable and practicable ability. Strickland Marine Insurance Agency, Inc. is the owner of all information collected on this web site. We will not sell any personally identifiable information to any third party or transfer it to any party not except as a routine and necessary part of our quoting, placing, endorsing, servicing, renewing, shopping, and/or procuring insurance products or services for you, or as otherwise authorized by you, or as we have otherwise disclosed to you as part of this Privacy Policy.

Information Collection and Privacy Policy

We will ask you to provide personal information to us when you apply for quotes or coverage and when you purchase or bind an insurance policy with/from an insurance company in conjunction with our placement efforts as agent or broker. We will also ask you to provide your personal information to us when you send e-mail to us from this web site. As part of the process of applying for quotes, policies, or changes, we will ask you to provide your name, home address, mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address, along with other information. This information will be provided to the pertinent insurance companies and any intermediate wholesalers, brokers, and/or MGA's as necessitated as part of the process of shopping, quoting, and or binding insurance. We will maintain a record of your information at our offices for some period of time so we can provide you with service and for other reasonable or necessary administrative purposes. SMIA employees are instructed to maintaining the privacy of each customer and the importance of protecting the customer's personal information.

When you purchase an insurance policy through our agency, you will pay the premiums with your credit card, bank/federal wire, electronic draft, or check. If you pay the premium using your personal check, we may keep a copy of your check in your file.

When you send us e-mail from this web site, you will provide us with certain personally identifiable information including your e-mail address.

Third Party Links

This web site may contain links to third-party websites that are not controlled by Strickland Marine Insurance Agency, Inc. These third-party links are made available to you as a convenience, and you hereby agree and acknowledge that any use of any such links is at your own risk. Strickland Marine Insurance Agency, Inc. is not responsible for the content, practices, or privacy policies of third-party websites linked to our site. Our Privacy Policy only applies to information we collect from you while you are at, or actively in direct session and communication, with Strickland Marine Insurane Agency, Inc. If you should link to a third party web site from Strickland Marine Insurance Agency, inc., we strongly encourage you to review and become familiar with that website's privacy policy.

Changes In Our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy without providing you with notice of our intent to make the changes.  If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at info@stricklandmarineinsurance.com

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