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Insurance for full-time and part-time charter vessels ranging from fishing guides to tour boats and excursions.

We place commercial marine insurance for charter operations of many types. Commercial charter vessels host a wide variety of services, all of which have their own unique coverage and underwriting nuances, including inshore and offshore fishing, lake and river fishing, sight-seeing, parties, tours, fossil and artifact hunting, island excursions, diving, parasailing, skiing, small water-taxi (ferry) services, etc. We can place1 policies to cover a wide variety of these operations. We place coverage for both full-time charter vessels on commercial policy forms with an unlimited number of charters per year, and part-time charter operations on pleasure-boat forms with a limited number per year (or “occasional charter”).

One commonly overlooked fact in charter-boat insurance is that liability coverage on most policies only applies to accidents that happen on or in contact with the insured vessel; many do not cover the owner’s liability for accidents that might happen on land or in the water in such cases where, for example, a charter operator takes a charter party onto an island for a picnic or fossil excursion. Many policies also do not cover the charter operator for liability for accidents that happen on the dock. Other exposures also exist for various forms of charter operations that are not covered on the average charter policy. We can help you obtain the right coverage or your business and help pursue1 options, as you direct, that cover1 such additional and business-specific exposures along with the core liability and property coverages.

Fishing charters, Guides, Tours, Sight-seeing (All UPV’s)

Additionally, many charter operators do not carry the other liability coverages that pertain to commercial general liability. Most only maintain a charter-boat policy. Again, with regard to liability, charter-boat policies typically only cover the liability exposures that pertain to, and result from, the direct operation of the vessel itself, while the coverages provided by a CGL policy are not included. Commercial automobile coverage (for business autos used to trailer company vessels or transport customers) is also not included on a charter policy. We can help you round1 out your liability insurance profile by placing1 CGL and commercial automobile coverage for your marine business, along with other poilicies and coverages. Please call and ask us about these coverage topics so we can help you pursue the coverages you want and need.

For large commercial vessels, such as diner-cruise vessels, casino boats, high-capacity tour boats, “deep-sea” head boats, passenger transports and water taxis, tankers, freighters, cruise ships, and any other commercial-marine operation that carries more than 6 passengers, operates an inspected vessel, or otherwise require a Master’s license by the United States Coast Guard, please see our Commercial Hull products page.

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