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Coverage for every facet of your marina operation with the help of and assurance of specialists with decades of experience handling coverage for marinas like yours.

Strickland Marine Insurance Agency has been specializing in providing1 commercial marine insurance to marinas and yacht clubs for nearly 3 decades and presently serves over 60 marinas. So we understand your business, how it operates, and the the kinds of risk exposures that typify your industry. Because of our expertise and carrier base in the field of commercial marine insurance, other agents and agencies come to us to help them insure1 their marina clientele.

Marinas, Dry Stacks, and Yacht Clubs

Marina & Dry Stack Insurance

Many marinas also maintain dry-stack facilities along with forklift equipment and related services. In addition to their docks and bulkheads, most marinas also have other substantial real property (buildings) on land or over water, all needing appropriate property coverage. Inland marinas often have covered docks that many insurers are not willing to cover, while coastal marinas tend to have a certain number transient boats, seasonally. Many marinas have on-site hotels, restaurants, and retail shops or shopping centers. Some such on-site businesses are operated by the marina itself while others are operated by third-party tenants. Marinas that have been privatized (slips sold to individual owners in a condominium arrangement).

All of the above present their own unique risks to the business, and potentially, to its owners and corporate officers. All of these risks require their own special forms of coverage, some crafted specifically for marinas–not fitting into the standard commercial property or liabilities forms. Understanding and properly covering these special risks requires agency expertise unique to the marine-insurance industry, backed by a considerable amount of real-world experience insuring marinas.  

Strickland Marine Insurance provides that vital experience and expertise so you can make sure your marina is properly and thoroughly insured on all fronts on the appropriate marine forms–not placed on the inappropriate insurance form. You can put our proven background and expertise to work for you with professional assessment, risk evaluation, and guidance pertaining to all marina-related risks from an educated and experienced position. We’ll provide top-of-class professional advice to help you properly cover your corporate risk profile, and we’ll market your account with multiple top marine-specific insurance carriers, having them compete over your marina or yacht club and all its properties, liabilities, services, amenities, workers’ compensation, directors and officers, and other risks.  Give us a call, and see why so many marinas are trusting Strickand Marine Insurance Agency, Inc. As the agency of choice for their marina insurance.

Coverage Options Include

Agents and Brokers

If you’re a broker or agency principal, and you need help assessing, marketing, sourcing, or placing coverage for your clients who own marinas, contact us through our “Agents and Brokers” page to request a brokerage relationship.  We serve both direct customers and brokers.

Marinas incur a variety of property and liability risks arising from their commercial activities. Aside from providing dock space, most marinas also provide a host of other amenities and services. Marinas commonly host fishing tournaments, boat shows, charters, sailing schools, regattas, and watercraft rentals, or have tenets who do. Some provide referral services to charter and rental services. Most occasionally move customers’ vessels, incurring liability exposure. Many perform other services for their customers or incur liability vicariously by allowing outside contractors access to the premises and to customers’ vessels.

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